Φανή Πελούμπη συνέντευξη εφ΄ όλης της ύλης (video)

Φανή Πελούμπη συνέντευξη εφ΄ όλης της ύλης (video)

Δείτε την συνέντευξη που παραχώρησε η Φανή Πελούμπη στην Ταϊλάνδη. Μιλάει εφ’ όλης της ύλης από την αρχή της καριέρας της στο Μουάιτάι μέχρι σήμερα. Η συνέντευξη δόθηκε στο youtube και στο Muay Ying Docuseries

YouTube video

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Muay Thai champion Fani Peloumpi! In this exclusive interview, we chat with the legend herself about her incredible 20+ year career, packed with action, challenges, and triumphs. Fani has dominated the ring, securing numerous titles including:

WMF Pro-Am Champion (2010), World Muay Boran Champion (2009, 2010), WPMF Champion (2008), IMC World Champion (2008), WMF World Champion (2008), World Muay Boran Champion (2007), Pan-Hellenic Amateur Champion (2003-2005, 2004), 4x Greek Champion 52kg.,

Get ready to be captivated as Fani reveals: -Her journey into Muay Thai and what keeps her motivated -The secrets behind her success and overcoming obstacles -Her experiences competing at the highest level -Her advice for aspiring Muay Thai fighters Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or just starting out, this interview is packed with valuable insights and inspiration!

Muay Ying is excited to have interviewed Fani and capture her incredible story as part of this docuseries about inspiring women fighters. Fani is currently teaching and fighting out of Bangkok https://www.instagram.com/fani_peloumpi/ Thank you Zesty Kickz for sponsoring this episode. If you would like to sponsor a future episode(s) please contact us [email protected]

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